Saturday, March 31, 2012

Decorah eagles on webcam

Scroll down the above web page for information on the eagles. Eggs were laid Feb 17, 20, and 24. Hatching occurred in late March. All three eaglets have hatched and are covered with fluff. The activity on this nest is fascinating to watch. The nest is 6 feet wide, 5 feet deep, and weighs over 1,300 pounds. The above web page includes a link to a slide show for installing the cameras.

The food on March 31 consisted of fish and rabbit. The video setup changes at dusk to an infrared light and camera. The eagles cannot see the infrared light, so they are in darkness at night. Sometimes they sleep with their beak in the nest and sometimes with their head turned back into their feathers.

This is the link to my screenshots for 2012. Additional screenshots will be added frequently until the eaglets are gone from the nest, in July.

Click on any photo to start viewing the photos. The left or right arrows to the right of the green bar are for navigating the photos. You can also use the arrow buttons on your keyboard for navigating the photos. To start the slide show click the dashed arrow, then move your mouse indicator OFF the arrow. If you click the checker-patterned icon to the left of the green bar, you get back to the page view. If you click the checker-patterned icon again, you get back to the index page for these photos.

Pressing F11 will cause the browser to be full-screen, without menus and toolbars. This provides more screen room for the photos. Pressing F11 again will return you to the normal view.