Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yellowstone National Park

We drove into Yellowstone National Park this afternoon. After several brief stops for scenery and elk, we went to West Yellowstone, Montana, for lodging because the park is full.

Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Teton National Park has magnificent views of mountains, old barns, and elk antler arches. We left the motel at 5:45am, when the temperature was 27F, and drove north of Jackson Hole, WY, to Schwabacher Landing where I photographed the Teton mountains at dawn. The old barns on "Mormon Row", north of Jackson Hole, are said to be the most photographed barns in the world. They are iconic images for the Jackson Hole area. There are about 2,000 elk antlers in each of the four arches on the town square in Jackson Hole.


We drove through Wyoming on our way from Denver to the Great Teton National Park. We were surprised because some of the terrain in Wyoming is similar to the Badlands in South Dakota.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bison in Grand Teton National Park

We drove from Denver to Jackson Hole. The scenery is beautiful along hwy 287 in Wyoming. There was a bison traffic jam in the Grand Teton National Park.