Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday, 11/11

Move went well. The movers were surprised that so much of the smaller items were moved. The move was completed at 10:15am. The principal reason is that almost no packing was needed.

Most items are put away; only a couple of boxes are yet to be emptied. We are very pleased that the apartment looks so well; almost perfect. During the move Mom and Dad had breakfast in the dining room (at my recommendation), then Mom slept in our motel room; Dad was in the old apartment (cleaning the drip shields on the stove); Mary was carrying bathroom and kitchen items to the new apartment; and I was directing the location of items in the new apartment, and unpacking boxes.

The new cabinet in the kitchen made a HUGE difference. It provided so much space that everything was put away, with space to spare.

The phone was connected at about 4pm, in the new apartment.

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