Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark, day 2

Day 2 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Our missing luggage arrived yesterday, so we could be tourists instead of shoppers (for replacement clothing). Our hotel is located near the center of Copenhagen, so it is easy to walk to many sights, especially in this beautiful weather. Photos 0055 and 0098 are the Nyhavn canal area. Very old and picturesque. We passed an archaeological dig, in the middle of a busy street, where people with museum T-shirts were carefully scraping what appeared to be an old city wall. Notice the two hollow-tree pipes in photo 0121. The Lego store has a huge display that attracted many people. There are large figures, a dragon, and a large wall, all constructed of Legos. The train's Central Station has a large number of parked bicycles all around the station. Many people in dress clothing are riding bicycles.

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