Monday, June 13, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo 0848 shows the beautiful train station, A clean and wonderful old structure.

Photo 9983 shows the town square so typical in Europe; lots of space, beautiful stonework, a fountain, and people enjoying the day.

We will be here tomorrow, also, before we board the ship.

We have often remarked that a person needs to be flexible if they are going to travel

This is how our cruise vacation started yesterday.

1. We took a cab to the airport. When going around the curve to enter the interstate highway to the airport, the vehicle in front of us was stopped in the merge lane, so the cab driver stopped. A few seconds later we were rear-ended by a young man in a car.The cab and car were both drivable, but had significant damage, and apparently no one was injured.

2. The plane to take us to the Washington Dulles airport, was extremely late, so we were going to miss our Scandinavian Airlines flight to Copenhagen. The gate agent put us on an US Air flight to Frankfurt, Germany, then a Lufthansa flight to Copenhagen, Neither of our checked bags made it to Copenhagen, so we are hoping they will show-up tomorrow. Yea! They did show up!

3. When we were at the gate in Philadelphia, we met a woman who also was traveling to the Emerald Princess cruise ship. While the three of us were walking to the gate for the flight to Frankfurt, the woman (walking behind me), fainted  and fell backwards, hitting her head on the marble floor. The airport police came and took her to a medical room. We continued to the plane and haven't seen the woman since that fall.

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