Thursday, June 16, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark, day 3

June 15. The train station is a beautiful, clean, and wonderful old structure. It is a hub of activity, with numerous trains coming and going. The interior has a beautiful structure of wooden beams and arches. Beneath some of the arches is part of the modern station; a glass structure with an arch top, that has an appearance somewhat similar to a train car. This glass structure contains shops.

On our third and last day in Copenhagen, we walked on Hans Christian Andersens Boulevard across a bridge to another island (there are hundreds of islands in Denmark, and many in Copenhagen). We saw Our Savior's Church; a beautiful and a popular sight for tourists. The church has a spiral spire (with 400 steps; we didn't climb them). There is also a very ornate alter and large pipe organ.

Copenhagen has many small elephant statues that are painted in different schemes; very colorful.

We then walked through part of Christiana, a hippie counterculture squatter's colony. Lots of graffiti color and drug use, and large signs proclaiming no cameras or pictures. We sat at a picnic table and had a lunch of sandwiches we made from the breakfast rolls, ham, and cheese.

The weather is really wonderful; sunny and about 66F.

On June 16, at sea, on the way to Stockholm, Sweden, we attended port talks describing the history and sights of Stockholm and of St Petersburg, Russia. The current temperature is 59F.

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